Hill of Slane – Ancient East – Ireland

Situated in County Meath, the Hill of Slane provides a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape, ascending 158m high.

It is an important historic site for a number of reasons:

  • Legend has it that King Sláine mac Dela is believed to be buried here. He was the king of Fir Bolg, an ancient race of people who for hundreds of years were enslaved by the Greeks, escaped with Greek ships and settled in Ireland.
  • In more recent times – 433AD, Christian missionary St Patrick was believed to have lit the first Easter Fire in deliberate disobedience to the pagan King of Tara – King Laoighre.
  • The result was King Laoighre’s druid, Erk become the first Christian Bishop of Slane.

At the site, you are able to see the Slane Abbey, it’s building is associated with St Earc who succeeded St Patrick. The original abbey built on the site was rebuilt in 1512, which remains you are able to see today.

Next to the Abbey are the remains of a college which housed four priests, four lay-brothers and four choristers.




The Hill of Slane can be found here:

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