Mannin Bay Blueway Beach, Connemara – Ireland

I discovered Mannin Bay Blueway by chance, driving from Sky Road and the Alcock and Brown Memorial which are close by. On the day I visited the beach it was cold, windy, and drizzly but I couldn’t resist getting out of the car and going for a quick walk along the beach.

The photographs of the beach the day I went in its less than ideal beach conditions really don’t do the beach justice, but on a beautiful day, the sea is a clear blue azure colour with beautiful white sands. Photographs I saw of other reviews on Google Maps made the beach look it could be in a tropical destination.

The beach is known as a Blueway, a beach well-suited to watersports in a beautiful setting. Popular activities at Mannin Bay are snorkeling and kayaking trails, suitable for a range of abilities. If you don’t have your own equipment, there are a number of local companies that can be contacted for guiding, equipment hire, and advice for your trip.

There is a small car park available at the beach.

Mannin Bay Blueway Landscape (best viewed on desktop)
Mannin Bay Blueway Landscape (best viewed on desktop)


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