Glen Ding Forest – Ireland

The Glen Ding Forest can be found close to the village of Blessington, nearby the Blessington Greenway.

The forest is known for its sand and gravel quarrying, which was halted in 1997 due to its archaeological interest by the National Monuments and Historical Properties Service. The hill on which the forest lies was known as Mac Torcaill’s fortified outpost. Mac Torcaill was the last of Dublin’s Viking rules, and the area was found to contain a number of monuments.

The forest offers a short but steep walk up and down the hill through the tall trees and ferns. It looks a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside and Blessington lakes.

Might be worthy to note, there is a car park at the beginning of the walk but the walk is without any signposts.

The Blessington Greenway information can be found here: 


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