Kilcoole to Greystones Coastal Walk – Ireland

One of my favourite activities is getting out into the countryside and going on some new walks or hikes that Ireland has to offer. This walk, in particular, I had no idea existed until a colleague told me about it, and the walk did not disappoint.

The path goes all the way from the Kilcoole train station, in between the train line and the beautiful stretch of coastline all the way to Greystones. It’s about a 5KM walk from the Kilcoole train station until you get to the heart of Greystones. Walking from Kicoole to Greystones allows a great opportunity to take a rest stop in Greystones, with lots of places to get an ice-cream or sit down for some food or have something to drink before turning back. 

The path is level all the way, with terrain that changes from a rocky path to gravel and to sand.

It’s a peaceful environment with some beautiful beaches.


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