Adventures are found on the outside of the box.

I am a South African living in Dublin, Ireland – having moved in 2017. Since having moved here, all of a sudden my eyes opened to the excitement of exploring new places (even if they are up the road from you). I think in Cape Town I took all the beauty for granted and for a large portion of my time there I didn’t take the time to explore much, and I do regret that. Cape Town, and South Africa in general has a very diverse amount of natural beauty, great weather, fantastic animals…great food (I miss braai’s so much!) There is so much to be happy about there.

So, having left I realised that life can be much less exciting if you don’t take the time to explore, see something new and try something new. Moving made me aware of that!

So this blog is dedicated to new experiences, and will hopefully inspire you to get out a bit. Take that walk. Go to that beach. Try some new food. Meet some people. Try that thing you always wanted to do. Life is a short one. You will only be young and energetic once. Keep your body strong. Keep your body healthy. Keep your chin up. Keep motivated. Have a goal! Don’t let fear, negativity, sloth, pride, grumbling and complaining get to you! Find an adventure, even if it’s just a small one. Something to keep you enjoying life.




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