Knocksink Wood Nature Reserve – Ireland

Knocksink Wood is situated about a 40-minute drive from Dublin. The Nature Reserve offers up to 11KM of trails.

Knocksink is full of springs and seepage areas with the Glencullen River which runs through it. It’s an area of special conservation interest with the highest diversity of woodland invertebrate faunas in Ireland. A conservation education center for school groups is situated near the car park.

The wood has a bit of a mythical feel to it, with the humidity, silence of the wood with the babbling of the river. There are ferns, moss and greenery as far as you can see in the wood, regardless of the season. If you let your imagination run wild for a moment, you’d almost imagine this might be a place where the myth of fairies might be…

There are 2 parts that the reserve can be divided:

  • The easy route which is easy to walk with a flat surface from the car park.
  • The 2nd more challenging part which winds up higher in the mountain.

A consideration with the trail is that it can get very muddy, especially after rain. If you are planning on sticking around the first part of the trail, if you have wellingtons they will serve you well. Otherwise, waterproof hiking boots work well, especially if you are planning on doing the full trail.




You can find Knocksink Wood here:


Other nice walks nearby in the Dublin mountains are these ones:

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