Carrickgollogan Forest Trail – Ireland

Situated a 40 minute drive away from Dublin’s city center is Carrickgollogan Forest Trail. Carrickgollogan was a lead mine from the early 19th century till it closed in the 1920’s.

Today visitors can walk the forest trail around the mine, enjoying the beautiful views of South Dublin and North Wicklow.

It provides short and easy walks of about an hour duration through the forest: The Lead Mines Way (2KM) and The Mountain Access route (0.5KM).




The Viewing Rock

The Viewing Rock is right at the top of the Carrickgollogan summit and provides amazing views. To get to the Viewing Rock there is a short but steep ascent.






The Woodland Path

The path is easy to walk through the forest.



The Lead Furnace Chimney

The mysterious tower on the Carrickgollogan hill is an old Lead Furnace Chimney.


This is  a wonderful place to walk, especially if the sun peeps out and you can clearly see the surrounding area. The colour of the farms turn bright green just after the rain, best seen on a clear day.


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