Colourful Pubs Around Dublin

When touring around Dublin, it’s easy to catch sight of lots of colourfully painted pubs. The photos of pubs I have taken are more of the tourist attraction types which are completely different from the local Irish pubs you’ll see outside the tourist areas.

Nevertheless, you are guaranteed to have a good time in any one of these venues.

Characteristics of these Irish pubs include their colourful exterior, plants and flowers around the windows which are especially eye catching in summer. Inside the pubs you’ll find Irish memorabilia of bygone days, old photographs of the area, sporting equipment and a range of  Irish themed things.

These pubs are always worth a visit when you are in Dublin, but don’t expect to pay anything less than €7 per pint! Regardless of this, the atmosphere in these pubs are enjoyable with a few of them hosting some live traditional music.


1. The Temple Bar



2. Johnnie Fox’s



3. The Auld Dubliner



4. O’Briens Ferryman



5. The Oliver St John Gogarty



6. The Merry Ploughboy

img_20180820_191717 (1)

7. The Lotts


Of all the pubs I have seen in the world, the Irish pubs are definitely unique and worth a visit!


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