Pubs in the Dublin Mountains – Ireland

There are some great traditional Irish bars just on the foot of the Dublin Mountains. I’ve found a few worth a mention.


1. The Blue Light Pub

The Blue Light Pub is a short distance from Ticknock Forest and is great for refreshment after a hike.

The pub has amazing views of Dublin and the sea in the distance. It has a well positioned beer garden from which you can admire the view. If the weather turned for the worst, you can retreat into the pub which is cosy with its peat fires and old school decorations.

If you fancy a bite to eat, there is a menu of pizza, burgers and sandwiches available.

The pub also hosts Trad Sessions where you can hear traditional Irish music.


2. Johnnie Fox’s Pub

Nestled in the mountains, Johnnie Fox’s is a popular venue to go to. It is the highest pub in Ireland, established in 1798.

Johnnie Fox’s has live traditional Irish music, a pub, a restaurant and a show. The show consists of a 4 course meal and entertainment which includes a band and Irish dancers.

The decor is worthy of noting, throughout the venue it has historic artefacts: farming tools, sign boards, photographs, typewriters, grandfather clocks, sewing machines, you name it.

Besides for having some great beverages, their food is delicious and you’ll feel festive here all year round. Also, if you happen to be in the area when it snows, Johnnie Fox’s is a magical setting.


3. The Merry Ploughboy

Another great venue for a traditional Irish show is the Merry Ploughboy. The Merry Ploughboys have been together since 1989 entertaining the crowds with their wonderfully catchy music. The show offers a 3 course meal, the traditional Irish band, the Merry Ploughboys and Irish dancers.

The pub offers food, beverages as well as traditional Irish music.

This is definitely one of the liveliest venues for Irish music!

img_20180820_191717 (1)

One thing I love about this area of Dublin is that you aren’t far from the city center and not too far to disappear into the mountains. There are also some great venues to have some wonderful food and to tap your feet along to lively Irish music.

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