Sky Road, Connemara – Ireland

Sky Road is one of the top places to visit in Connemara. It’s a 16km long road that is famous for the beautiful views and rugged scenery of Connemara’s Wild Atlantic Way. Doing the drive, especially on a busy day, can be a bit nerve-wracking since the road is so narrow, having originally been made for horse and carriage. For this reason, the road is not what you would expect from a two-lane road, with cars driving past one another in either direction so it is recommended to drive slowly and take caution when there is a car up ahead.

Take the drive slowly, and you’ll see beautiful views of the Connemara countryside, the Atlantic Ocean, The Islands, to the South you’ll see the County Clare coast and to the North, you’ll see the County Mayo coast.

At the Sky Road viewpoint, you’ll have the opportunity to take photos of the beautiful scenery, read the information on the information boards, and use the benches available for a picnic.

You can choose between the Upper and Lower Sky Road, each giving you a unique view of the coastline.


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