Barnaslingan Forest – Ireland

Barnaslingan Forest is situated a 40-minute drive from Dublin’s city centre. The forest is situated on the eastern slope of a rocky pass, which was formed during the ice age from a glacial lake overflow.

The landscape is characterised by granite outcrops, boulders and thickly forested areas.

There are two looped trails available in the forest:

  • The Pine Loop trail (0.9km)
  • The Scalp Lookout trail (1.5km)

Both trails are quick and easy to navigate through the forest, with visible signposts frequently found.

A scenic view can be found on The Scalp Lookout trail.

There is a permanent orienteering course available in the forest, offering Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced orienteerers the opportunity to explore the forest.

This is a short and easy to walk trail with picnic benches available. I’d think of this more as a relaxation spot than a place for a challenging hike. To reach my step goal for the day, I enjoyed doing both trails twice. It’s a beautiful, peaceful spot for sure.

Another nice hike right next to this forest is


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