Howth Cliff Walk – Ireland

Situated a 30-minute drive away from Dublin’s city centre, Howth is a beautiful village dating back from the 9th century when the Norse Vikings settled in the area. Howth is famous for its seafood, harbour and the cliff walk and is one of the famous attractions in Dublin.

Third time lucky, I managed to make it to the Howth Cliff Walk and finish the trail. The weather unexpectedly turned out beautiful, warm, sunny and the wind calm – whereas every other time I’ve ended up in Howth and wanted to do the cliff walk the wind was gusting and it was raining.

I didn’t chose any particular trail, but rather went from the start of the trail to the lighthouse and deviated along a different trail on the way back. From the signage I discovered there are a few different trails indicated by the trail markers, all starting at the train station:

  • Green trail: The Cliff Path Loop: 6km, 1.5 – 2 hours, 130m climb
  • Blue trail: Tramline Loop: 7km, 1.5 – 2 hours, 130m climb
  • Red trail: Black Linn Loop: 8km, 2 – 2.5 hours, 160m climb
  • Purple trail: Blog of the Frogs Loop: 12km, 2.5 – 3 hours, 240m climb

Along the cliff walk there are amazing views of the coastline, Lambay Island and Ireland’s Eye all the way to Baily Lighthouse.

One of the truest sayings I’ve heard from surfers in South Africa is that some of the best beaches are those which you need to hike to. Along the cliff walk I found “A Tiny Hidden Beach” along the cliff walk, which is an actual name given to the beach location found on Google Maps. Found just off the cliff walk trail near the lighthouse, it is a short but steep trail down the to beach. The beach is a peaceful setting, not many people making the effort to get there, no strong currents or waves and crystal clear water. The only catch is cold water!

Regardless of the weather forecast, wear comfortable walking shoes, bring water, a rain coat and some warm clothing just in case.


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