Dublin Mountains Way – Day 2 – Carrickgollogan to Glencullen

This is the continuation of https://shellsadventures.com/2019/11/16/dublin-mountains-way-day-1-shankill-to-carrickgollogan/

The day 2 hike started off at Carrickgollogan car park, following the Dublin Mountains Way signs, 7KM to the turn around point at Johnnie Fox’s in Glencullen. The return journey being 14KM.

After walking briefly through Carrickgollogan until the road, crossing through Barnaslingan Forest, you end up on Enniskerry road across from an Apple Green and the Ski Club of Ireland.

At first I was a bit confused why the path was leading to the Ski Club but when I saw the Dublin Mountain Way markers (the yellow hiking man and arrow symbols) I knew it was part of the route. It was interesting walking past the Ski Club, never having seen it before. Past the Ski Club the route leads up towards the mountains on the right. I followed the path past a quarry on the right up to Killegar Road. I followed the Killegar Road until the left turn on Ballybetagh Road. To be honest it was quite a nice walk along a reasonably quiet country road, with enough of a side walk/ shoulder to walk on with farms and scenic views on the right.

On getting to Ballybetagh Road, there was more road walking all the way until Johnnie Fox’s pub in Glencullen. There wasn’t much of a side walk/shoulder to walk on here but fortunately most cars drove slowly and provided enough space. I’d recommend wearing bright colours if you plan on doing this particular route.

This particular hike was not exceptionally exciting in terms of actual hiking on hiking trails but did have some beautiful country road walks.

Johnnie Fox’s
Map 1

2 thoughts on “Dublin Mountains Way – Day 2 – Carrickgollogan to Glencullen

  1. Great inspiration for doing the Dublin mountains way. Thank you for taking the time to describe it and put it onto your blog.

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