Dublin National Botanic Gardens – Ireland

The National Botanic Gardens in Dublin is one of my favourite places to walk around. With the Coronavirus which has hit, while we are not yet on lockdown, everyone is seeking the outdoors for a bit of relief from being cramped up indoors for so many hours at a time.

Fortunately, when I visited the gardens over the weekend, it wasn’t filled with hordes of people. There was enough space to practice social distancing.

At the moment, when I am writing this, the garden is still open to the public, however, there are a few facilities that are closed to the public: the glasshouses, tea rooms, visitor center, library, and herbarium. The Café which normally provides seated facilities is only offering a takeaway service. Luckily one can still order a coffee from them to take with you on your walk. Tours at the gardens are also not available to the public.

At the toilet facilities and the Café, there is hand sanitiser to use.

Besides all the precautions against the Coronavirus, it’s my favourite time to visit the gardens. With all of the bulbs blooming and creating a beautiful carpet of colour, flowers popping up all over the gardens, trees are also full of budding leaves and spring flowers. I couldn’t be happier going to the gardens again, especially at this time of year.

Here are some photos of my walk through the gardens.



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