High Constantia Wine Farm – Cape Town – South Africa

High Constantia is a boutique wine farm situated in the famous Constantia Valley in Cape Town. The farm’s history dates back as far as 1693 when it formed part of the Dutch East India Company outpost, Wittebomen, referring to the silver-leaved trees.

During the 1800s the farm was owned by the Van Reenen family, bought from William Duckitt. Van Reenen was known as a great businessman and wine farmer and in 1824 was producing wines on par to rival the famous Groot Constantia and Hoop-op-Constantia. Records from the 1800s describe High Constantia as a great place visit and buy wine en route from Simonstown to Cape Town, as described in visitor’s books now kept in the Cape Town Archives.

High Constantia offers wine sales along with a wine tasting experience on their peaceful property overlooking a dam. When I went for wine tasting, they had 4 beautiful red wines available: Sebastiaan, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Shiraz.

High Constantia was a relaxing experience where I could taste wines at my leisure and enjoy the historic atmosphere and friendly staff.


Note: The vineyards do not have their distinctive green colour in the photographs due to the photographs being taken in winter.

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