Guinness Tower – Cong, Ireland

After having discovered that the Guinness Tower is right next to Ashford Outdoors, I was determined to take a look. You can find the path to the Guinness Tower just at the end of the Ashford Outdoors parking lot.

The Guinness Tower was built in 1864 by Sir Benjamin Lee Guinness, situated on the property of Ashford Castle. Standing over 20 meters tall. When it was built it, the tower would have provided an impressive view of the Ashford Castle grounds and the surrounding area.

Today you are able to take a short walk to the Guinness Tower to climb up its spiral staircase where you can find after a few stories of climbing, there is a room with windows to see out, and one more story up you can go to the top of the tower, which is secured around the edges with a fence.

The top of the tower will present you with a view of the surrounding tree tops which stand at an impressive height. Although you aren’t able to view Ashford Castle and the surrounding area due to the trees which grew very tall, it’s a peaceful setting at within the tree tops.

You can see my experiences at Ashford Outdoors in my blog.


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