Malmö – Sweden

Malmö in Sweden is the perfect day trip for visitors based in Copenhagen. Malmö can be reached from Copenhagen Central Station by taking a 35-minute train trip. The train goes along the Øresund Bridge which connects Sweden and Denmark. Although both countries are in the Schengen area, crossing the bridge on either side you should bring along your passport for customs passport / ID checks.

The train itself runs at an impressive maximum speed of 180km/h in Denmark and a max speed of 200km/h in Sweden. The train runs along a section underground as well as over the bridge where you can see the view between the two countries. With the rapid change in altitude, I found having some gum handy added to the comfort of the journey.

Getting to Malmö, I realised that there was a lot to do in the city and spending a bit more time than a day trip would have been great.


Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden, after Stockholm and Gothenburg. It was founded around 1275 where it was a flourishing marketplace with herring it’s a notable fishery. During the industrial era, it was the most successful industrial city in Scandinavia but wasn’t as quick to adapt to the post-industrialism.

The Øresund Bridge which was constructed over 5 years and opened in July 2000, contributed to the economy of Malmö and today there are many modern buildings with biotech and IT companies which have been established in the city.

Things to do in Malmö:

One thing which will allow you to explore Malmö very quickly is making use of their battery-powered scooters for rental. The scooters available for rental are Lime and Tier. They are easy to operate, fun and operate up to 27km/h.

1. Ribersborgsstrande, Ribersborgs Kallbadhus and restaurant

Ribersborgsstranden is a long, scenic beach which extends along Malmö’s coastline. From the beach, you are able to see Copenhagen in the distance and the Øresund Bridge.  Another notable feature along the beach is the Turning Torso building which is the tallest building in Scandinavia. This residential building reaches up to 190m and has 54 floors.

Along the Ribersborgsstranden you can find the Ribersborg Kallbadhus. The Kallbadhus is an open-air bathing area just behind the Ribersborg building, allowing bathers the privacy from onlookers. Ribersborg also has a lovely bar and restaurant with indoor seating and an outside deck where you can enjoy your food and drink.

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2. Ribban Green Golf

The mini golf course is a fun activity situated along the Ribersborgsstranden. Ice-creams are also available at the venue.


3.  Malmö Saluhall Produce Market

If you are a foodie interested in tasting some local produce, the Saluhall is a great place to add to your itinerary. There is a wide variety of delicious food, craft coffee, tasters, fancy teas and ingredients for your pantry.

They also have some delicious meals available and benches and tables to relax at.


4. Kungsparken

Kundsparken is the oldest park in Malmö, opened in 1872 by King Oscar II. It is situated in the area of the Malmöhus fortress and established once the fortress had lost its military power. It was decided that the park be built between the fort and the old part of the Malmö city.

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5. Slottsträdgården

Slottsträdgården is a castle garden situated in Malmö on the fortress island, its situated right behind Malmöhus. There are a variety of different gardens in Slottsträdgården: an orchard, rose garden, Japanese garden, kitchen garden, perennial garden and a greenhouse.

It’s a peaceful place to walk around in or have a bite to eat at the Slottsträdgården cafe.

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6. Tugg Homemade Burgers

In most new cities I visit, one of my objectives is to find a great burger place. Tugg Homemade Burgers definitely did not disappoint. They have some great craft beers available to go along with their amazing burgers.


7. Cityboats boats

My second favourite activity (after scooting around on a Tier scooter through the city) was renting a paddle boat. It’s a wonderful opportunity to explore the city from a different view, along the Södra Förstadskanalen river.

The boat paddling is not too taxing on the legs and would be about the same effort as riding a bicycle on a level surface.

The rentals are available for a duration of 30 minutes or 1 hour.

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