Snow-tography Ticknock Hill – Dublin – Ireland

There’s no day like a snow day!

These are a few photographs of snow yesterday in the Ticknock Forest, very close to Dublin. In the forest there was a light sprinkle of snow over the course of four consecutive days, followed by night temperatures of – 5 degrees Celsius, not climbing higher than 2 degrees Celsius during the day.

With these conditions, there was a fair amount of snow left on the hills yesterday. Accompanied by beautiful clear blue skies, it presented the most beautiful views of Dublin as one walked the snow covered paths.

Here’s an article with photographs of Ticknock Forest on a normal overcast day 

IMG_20190202_131821IMG_20190202_140218IMG_20190202_141039IMG_20190202_141136IMG_20190202_142159IMG_20190202_142241 (1)IMG_20190202_143505IMG_20190202_143642IMG_20190202_144137IMG_20190202_145558


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