Koberg Nature Reserve – Cape Town – South Africa

Since 1991 the public have had the opportunity to explore the Koberg Nature Reserve – which is North of Cape Town, in Melkbosstrand. The reserve is on the property of the power station and contains 3000 hectares of open space to explore. There are various hiking trails in the reserve, including this one which I did which is part of a beach trail.

Lots of wildlife can be seen in the reserve in the Sandveld vegatation – type of dune Fynbos. In the picture below I was lucky enough to see a Molesnake sunning itself on the road, thereafter moving along into the bus as it heard cars approaching. In the summer be sure to watch where you put your foot, walk carefully and you won’t step on one of these guys!

I also had the opportunity to see a herd of Eland, they were too far away for me to take a decent picture but here are their spoor.

Lovely pristine beaches along the reserve are a real treat to spend time on.

Many Springbokke can be seen in the reserve, as below this one is chilling.

Every now and then you can spot one in the shrubbery!

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