Cape Point National Park – South Africa

Cape Point National Park is one of the great beauties of the Cape Province! The National Park is on the South Eastern corner of the Cape Peninsula (Not to be confused with the most Southerly part of the continent which is Cape Agulhas), and it’s landscape has rugged Table Mountain sandstone cliffs and the unique Fynbos vegetation. A real treat is to go in summer to see the Leucadendrons and Proteas in their full bloom, colouring the scenery of the reserve.

The image above was taken near Rooikrans overlooking the bay.

If you are lucky you will spot some animals in the reserve – the above image is of a bachelor ostrich in the reserve. The image below is (hoping I’m correct here) an Agama lizard sunning itself on a boardwalk.

The image below is one of my favourites! This is the view of Dias Beach. It’s a beautify beach with pure white sands that is accessible from a boardwalk. It is a bit of a strenuous business getting back up the cliff on the boardwalk but think of it as a thigh workout! Not a swimming beach, the rip currents and back current is very strong. Nice for dipping your feet in if you are brave in the cold water!

Buffels Bay picnic site and tidal pool is pictured below. It’s a lovely place to take a dip in the water, have something to eat (for the love of goodness, don’t eat if you know baboons are in the area!).

2 thoughts on “Cape Point National Park – South Africa

    1. Yep, the baboons can also be little vandals on cars! Especially they see food packets or smell something interesting. Everytime anyone goes its probably a good thing to give them a heads up! These creatures have become so brave around people.

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