Old Bushmills Distillery – Northern Ireland

With the lockdown, it is easy to reminisce about previous adventures, to have a fresh appreciation for the places once visited and the freedoms enjoyed.

This particular trip is from 5 years back, when I visited Northern Ireland on my honeymoon. For safety reasons during the distillery tour mobile phones, cameras and video recorders are not allowed. The photographs I did manage to take was in the tasting area and gift store.

About bushmills distillery

Only appreciating the history of the place fully now that I’m writing about it, Bushmills dates bates to 1608 where it was first granted the license to distil whiskey, making it the world’s oldest licensed whiskey distillery.

The distillery is situated along the beautiful coast of Northern Ireland, with the whiskey’s water is drawn from the River Bush nearby, which clear waters flow over the basalt rock.

The distillery was named after the mills which are situated along the River Bush.

Visiting the distillery

The tour will take visitors through the entire distilling process with plenty of information along the way. The tour also includes two drinks of whiskey which you can choose to sample. The bartenders are very friendly and knowledgable about the different whiskeys and their distilling. On this occasion I decided to sample the 16 year whiskey, and the Irish Honey whiskey.

After the tour, visitors can enjoy the gift shop and the Distillery Kitchen Restaurant which is available on site.

It’s a beautiful area to be in, and a great experience visiting the distillery. It makes a good day trip combo if you visit the Giants Causeway which is nearby.


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