Bohernabreena Reservoirs – Dublin – Ireland

The Bohernabreena Reservoirs car park is only a 35 minute drive from Dublin’s city center. There are limited parking spots available so try to arrive early in the morning or late in the afternoon if you can.

Bohernabreena reservoir is situated in the Glenasmole Valley, property of the Dublin City Council. The resevoirs were build in the 1880’s to control flooding in the valley, supply drinking water and water for the mills in the area. Today the reservoirs supply 35’000 south Dublin households. Between the upper lake and the lower lake there is a stone faced channel which feeds the lower lake with water from the upper lake. Water treatment happens 7.5km away, in Ballyboden.

There is an Upper Reservoir looped walk available which starts and finishes at the car park and is 8.5km in distance. The walk itself takes you from the first lower reservoir to the upper reservoir and around to the road, with a loop back down the path towards the car park.

Along the walk there are lots of animals to spot besides the animals on the neighbouring farms. You can see kingfishers, dippers, moorhen, heron and ducks. Tree species include Corsican pine, Douglas fir, ash, sycamore, birch, larch, hazel and Scot’s pine. Trout is the main fish species you can fish in the reservoirs, a permit can be obtainable from local angling clubs.



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