Lough Tay – Guinness Lake – Ireland

Situated 1 hour’s drive from Dublin, Lough Tay is a beautiful lake surrounded by the Wicklow Mountains, famous as one of the film locations for the series Vikings. Fans will recognise the area as Kattegat village from the series.

The lake is also famous for its Guinness looking appearance: dark black water and bright white sand. The Guinness family whose estate is found in the area, imported white sand to deposit on the northern side of the lough to give it the pint of Guinness looks!

Just to note when you go visit the lake, there are lots of lay-bys and viewing points to view the lough from. The lake itself is on private property with no driving in or out of the estate. There is a walkway available through the estate.

On the particular day that I went to see the lake, the wind was fierce and going to the viewing point on the short walk to the radio tower was too risky. The viewing points are close to a steep cliff edge, so exercise caution on windy or wet conditions.

Right next to the lake is a walking trail through the forest. See https://shellsadventures.com/2019/02/16/ballinastoe-wood-trail-ireland/ for more info on this.




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