Greenway Waterford Pale Ale



Pale Ale 7/10

  • Light golden colour
  • Strong bitter flavour
  • Strong citrus undercurrent


  • This one was a bit bitter for me, but I liked the uniqueness of the beer collaborating with the Greenway. It is refreshing, so I can definitely imagine it’s a great post cycling refreshment!

Special features:

  • The beer is brewed Dungavaran – Ireland
  • I didn’t realise it at the start, but this is a limited edition beer for July 2018
  • The Waterford Greenway is an old railroad which has been converted to a 48km long cycling and walking trail which stretches from Waterford to Dungavaran
  • I did a Google search on it and I have to say… the trail looks amazing (since I didn’t take any photos myself I’m not going to put any photos here… but check it out!)
  • The Greenway is very high up on my adventure list!

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