Dublin Mountains Way – Day 5 – Tibradden Wood to Killakee

This hike was a continuation of https://shellsadventures.com/2020/01/01/dublin-mountains-way-day-4-tibradden-wood-to-ticknock-forest-fairy-castle/

It felt a bit shorter of a hike, perhaps because it was relatively even elevation but it worked out to 15KM in total.

For this hike, I parked again at Zipit Forest Adventures, the entrance for Tibradden Wood. This time, instead of heading back towards Ticknock Forest like the day 4 hike, I headed onwards with the turnaround point at the parking lot at Killakee (as indicated on the map).

From Tibradden Wood the Dublin Mountains Way goes through Cruagh Wood. Cruagh Wood has a looped walk and offers a gentle easy going walk through the forest. On a clear day, beautiful views of Dublin can be seen from Cruagh mountain.

From Cruagh Wood, I went past the Cruagh parking lot and carried on along the road onwards to Killakee.

After Cruagh Wood just up the road there is a sharp turn in the road with a beautiful panoramic view point on the intersection of Cruagh Road and Old Military Road. When I was there I noticed lots of people admiring the view and a coffee van selling coffee.

I carried on a bit further up Old Military Road following the Dublin Mountain Way signs through a plantation trail and up to the next car park. I can’t find a road name for the road where the car park is, but it is indicated on the map on this blog!

Cruagh Wood
Dublin Panoramic View
Plantation just off Old Military Road

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