Dublin Mountains Way – Day 4 – Tibradden Wood to Ticknock Forest, Fairy Castle

This hike was a continuation of https://shellsadventures.com/2019/11/30/dublin-mountains-way-day-3-glencullen-to-ticknock-forest-fairy-castle/.

Since there wasn’t a car park located at the halfway point of Ticknock Forest, I started off at the next available car park along the Dublin Mountains Way, at Tibradden Wood. To get there, the entrance is at Zipit Forest Adventures where there is a car park. The idea was to start the day 4 hike from the parking lot at Zipit Forest Adventures to the place I doubled back at the Ticknock Forest, Fairy Castle and go back to the car again.

When I parked at Zipit Forest Adventures I was instantly intrigued with the zip-lining obstacle course. I made a mental note to visit them in summer to give it a try. Tibradden Wood is a peaceful forest with relatively easy going trails.

The Tibradden Wood is home to an interesting archaeological discovery, the Tibradden Cairn situated at the summit of the Tibradden Mountain. The Cairn was excavated in 1849 and a pottery vessel was found at the site which dates back to the Bronze Age. A spiral mortif can be seen at the site.

Besides this interesting discovery I made along the way, the surrounding mountains and countryside was very scenic but had mist often rolling over and covering the view on the day I did this walk.

This particular hike was not very long this time, it was about 8km in total.

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