Glen Beach Cliff Walk – Wicklow – Ireland

It was great news to hear that the cliff walk in Wicklow has been reopened on the 26th of July this year, after having been closed for a number of years due to safety concerns. Naturally, when I heard that the cliff walk was opened to the public, I was quite eager to see what the cliff walk in Wicklow has to offer after I’ve the great experiences walking the Bray to Greystones cliff walk and the Howth cliff walk.

It was a bit difficult to find the start of the trail since it wasn’t on Google Maps, but it can be found on the parking lot a few meters south down the road from the Wicklow Golf Course. I’m waiting for my Google Map edit to be approved, but in the meantime, you can find it here:

Parking spots are quite limited, especially on a busy day.

The walk starts at the Glen Beach and finishes at the lighthouses before looping back. The walk is not very long, about a 4KM looped walk along the cliffs of Wicklow Head but the walk has some beautiful views of the coast and surrounding countryside.

The terrain has steep inclines and declines with sometimes uneven rocky footpaths but it is relatively easy to walk. Some of the paths require careful walking near the cliffs and walking in single file.

There are some interesting species that can be seen on the walk: Kittiwake gulls, Black Guillemots, Grey Seals, Royal Ferns, Rock Pipits and Stonechats. I was particularly happy to have spotted a Grey Seal on my walk.

There are beaches with small bays of calm water that can be visited during your walk for a swim or picnic.




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