Howth Village – Ireland

Howth Village, just north of the city of Dublin, is a village offering visitors restaurants with fresh seafood, boat rides, walks along the pier and a walking route along the cliffs among other attractions.

Quick History:

It was in 819 that the Norse Vikings first settled in Howth, it’s name is suspected to be derived from the Norse word for ‘Head’ – referring to the head of land. Howth was invaded by the Normans in 1177.

Although from the 14th century Howth was used as a trading port, the harbour was only built in the early 19th century.

A historic part of Howth that still stands is Howth Castle, one of the oldest buildings in Ireland. It was built in the 14th century, having been restyled with alterations and extensions to the original building.

Things to do in Howth:

1. Seafood Restaurants

Howth was originally a small fishing village but today is still a popular place to eat fresh seafood and take in the sea air. There are some lovely restaurants to eat at. I couldn’t resist fresh oysters and I can recommend Beshoffs which has some great seafood options. 

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2. Walk along the pier

Howth offers a peaceful walk along the piers from which guests can also take a boat trip during the summer months.

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3. Howth Cliff Walk

Howth Cliff Walk is a looped walk offering guests views of Lambay Island and Ireland’s Eye. There are 4 different walking routes to choose from, with the average walk being 6KM. Wildlife enthusiast will be rewarded with sightings of the local birdlife: Gannets; Fulmars; Razorbills; Guillemots; Razorbills and Gulls. An occasional grey seal might be spotted along the cliffs.

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4. Howth Market

The Market is available each weekend and on Bank holidays offering visitors the opportunity to buy Irish trinkets, street food, jewelry and ornaments to put around the house. There are benches available while you feast and relax.

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There’s definitely more to see in Howth and overall it is a great place to visit.

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