Darling Olives, Western Cape – South Africa

The Western Cape in South Africa has the perfect climate for growing olives and has a few really great olive farms. The latest olive farm I discovered was Darling Olives which is just outside Cape Town, and it was definitely one of the most memorable olive farms that I have visited so far.

Darling Olives is an impressive farm, producing and processing up to 100 tones of olive oils. The estate is about 70 hectares of land with about 400 olive trees per hectare.

What makes Darling Olives unique is the amazing variety of olive products. In the tasting room there was a full table presented with olive products, and each was described in detail allowing us to enjoy each of the different types: olives, antipasto, cheese, chocolate, olive oils, infused oils, jams and chutneys, wines, dried olives, paste and pestos. They even had bath products like bath salts, soaps and body butters available.

Their tasting experience is affordable, and they can accommodate small or large groups for a 30 minute tasting presentation by one of their knowledgable staff members. It is recommendable if you have a large group to book ahead of time so that they can accommodate everyone.

You can take a look at their website to view more information about their tasting experience https://www.darlingolives.co.za/tasting-room/ and take a look at their online shop for their products available https://www.darlingolives.co.za/shop/.

You can find Darling Olives here:


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