(Smithwick’s pronounced without the ‘w’)

Red Ale 9/10

  • Red hue to the ale
  • There is a bit of a sweetness in the malt, complimenting the slight bitterness of the beer
  • You can pick up a roasted malt flavour
  • Bubbles moderately in the drink


  • This is a great one to be proud of, Kilkenny

Special features:

  • Smithwicks is actually older than Guinness which might come as a surprise to Guinness fans – it was founded in 1710
  • It was acquired by Guinness in the 1960’s
  • The brewery can be found in Kilkenny on the site of a 14th century Abbey where monks started brewing red ale. The old brewery at the site has since been revamped into the modern brewery and vistor’s center seen today, but at the old brewery’s closure it was the oldest working brewery in Ireland.
  • Visitor’s to the brewery can still see the Abbey ruins

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